Hydra provides instant access to many popular resources available on the Net
4.3  (3 votes)

Hydra is a free Internet browser, which includes many shortcuts that provide users with instant access to the most popular search engines, radio stations, video downloader, online translators, RSS feeds, news, weather reports, e-mail, bookmark collection, etc. There is a "Favorites" tabbed window that displays a huge amount of links classified by categories: financial, social bookmarks, sports, Internet, News, Work, Science, Art, Dating, Web tools, and Shopping. The RSS tabbed window is also divided into categories: News, Business, Automotive, Sports, Cartoons, Entertainment, and Technology. The context-sensitive graphical user interface features more icons than any other browser. We can choose the color of the GUI: black, blue, silver, or any other color we like. We can also customize to our preferences the content of Favorites, RSS feeds, manage radio stations, translate the web page that we are currently visiting, manage profiles, FTP tools, use the extractor tool to extract images, links, or the whole content from a web page for offline later viewing, delete sensitive data, import IE favorites, and so on. This program may be helpful for Internet beginners as it shows many popular resources available on the Net.

Review summary


  • Suitable for Internet beginners
  • We can change the color of the GUI
  • Free


  • Hydra forum is a real mess
  • Only in English
  • No uninstall option
  • Too many shortcuts
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